A Timeless Tale Rewoven

June 1, 2024
June 1, 2024 Jacob Twomey

We are very pleased to announce the refresh of our world-renowned bunch, Heritage Twist.

Heritage Twist has become one of our best-selling collections since it launched many moons ago. This year, we have enriched the stock-supported bunch with fresh new designs, taking inspiration from our rich archives and the cloths history to create a really special update.

Created from skilfully twisting together vibrantly coloured yarns. The refreshed collection features the bunches signature depths of colour with colourful flecks popping in and out of the fabric. Creating a kaleidoscope of colour as it sparkles and disappears in the same yarn.

Heritage Twist is available in yarns spun from Responsible Wool Standard certified wools. The RWS is a voluntary global standard that addresses the environmental and animal welfare. Having RWS certification provides complete traceability of wool from farm to fabric. The mark of RWS confirms that the farms have followed land management techniques to protect the biodiversity, the quality of the grazing soil and a respect for the welfare of the sheep and the welfare of the farming teams.

Our Heritage Twist bunch is divided into three unique qualities. Here’s a closer look…

Heritage Twist Suiting

This update builds upon the most beloved designs from the archives, introducing a wealth of new stock-supported options. This ensures a wider selection for customers while maintaining the essence of Kynoch’s design legacy.

Vintage Heritage Twist

For those seeing a thicker winter quality, the Vintage Heritage Twist offers a heavier weight of 570/600 grams.  This weight along with the added character of the yearn, creates bolder, traditional designs with a rich depth of colour, perfectly complementing the bespoke multi-coloured twist yarns.  The handle remains compact yet fluid, showcasing a worsted cloth of true distinction.

Solaro Heritage Twist

A new and exciting addition to the collection, the Solaro Heritage Twist draws inspiration from the original Solaro cloth.  This fabric features a warp-faced weave with contrasting weft colours, creating a changeant effect. Connoisseurs will undoubtedly recognise the classic Verdigris and tomato colourway, which serves as a source of inspiration for a range of sumptuous, rich colours in the stock-supported collection. Additionally, a selection of more contemporary colorations is available in the seasonal collection and can be woven to order.


History of Heritage Twist

The story of Heritage Twist begins in the 1800s, in a time of hand looms and vegetable dyes. Back then, creating even-coloured cloth was a challenge. The Irish tackled this with Donegal Tweed, dyeing wool fibres for a multi-coloured effect.

The Scots, however, took a different approach. They invented twist yarn, spinning a fine ecru yarn with a coloured yarn to create a unique, two-toned effect. Their innovative spirit didn’t stop there. They pushed the boundaries, introducing marl and half-marl yarns with three or four colours, reflecting advancements in spinning technology. These complex yarns involved blending coloured fibres, twisting them together, and then twisting them further with even more multi-coloured roving’s. The result? Something similar to the speckles of colour within the yarn itself, as seen in our Heritage Twist.

Fast forward to today, building on this rich heritage, Kynoch developed the Heritage Twist qualities that continue to inspire designers and customers today. These fabrics come in a variety of finishes, from natural to summery Panama’s, and even coating weights.

Kynoch of Scotland remains deeply appreciative of the character and history behind these cloths. And just like our forefathers, we continue to ask “what if…?”  This spirit of exploration has led to the creation of new Heritage Twist qualities, including natural finishes, lighter summer weights, and innovative coating options and now our AW25 collection.

The story of Heritage Twist, it seems, is far from over.


Dates for your Diary

Our new Heritage Twist collection will make its debut at this year’s iconic European trade shows—Premiere Vision (02-04 July. Stand 6C8) and Milano Unica. (09-11 July. Stand 4f05-4f06).

If you would like to make an appointment with our sales team to view the collection, or for those unable to attend the trade shows but would like to request a bunch book, please email sales@kynochofscotland.co.uk