Kynoch’s Collections of jacketing, suiting and coating fabrics are an exciting and vibrant celebration of colour, twist yarns, and luxurious finishes all created from natural fibres.

We create Seasonal Collections which are made specifically to order. Stock Supported Collections which give flexibility of supply and immediate availability. An easy way to start working with our qualities and get to know which one suits you. From our unique bunches we offer a cut-length service for tailors. The ultimate, a bespoke development made just for you.


Spring Summer 2025 is a season to dream, escape and enjoy. A wholehearted collection of natural fibres conscientiously designed and woven. Designs that are simple, comfortable, and reassuring. A calming presence in a crazy world. Uplifting and satisfying colours that make you feel energised and happy. From playful tweedy gingham and preppy checks to “snakes and ladder” weaves that that make your eyes dance with laughter.

Enticing and beguiling twists of yarn in our understated worsted suiting. Timeless and elegant with a beautiful drape, creaseless nature and ease that makes you feel well dressed and ready for any occasion.

Crisp new Panama cottons and worsteds in classical designs. Accents of pure pastel deco’s are refreshing. Whilst mid-tones of turmeric, camouflage and denim are grounded and earthy. Reminiscent of thornproof, but light as a feather.

British Wools sing out to introduce the collection when we are not ready to wear silk, linen, or cotton. This quality is a collection of fun checks and herringbones that are fully traceable back to the farm. A delight to know the farmer who reared your sheep. The lowest carbon footprint fully traceable from farm to fabric.


Our Stock Supported Bunches offer even more options – The world-famous Heritage Twist Suiting and the Glenesk luxurious lambswool and Cashmere jacketing, are complemented by our Coating Collection Snowdonia. This is a wonderful addition of authentic coating cloth qualities which will provide the wearer with a true garment of distinction, possibly for generations.

For Spring and Summer, we offer a lighter touch in cotton, silk, and linen blends.


To make life easier we continue to develop Kynoch’s Stock Supported Collections to make the luxury of choice even greater. Offering a wealth of designs in some of our best-loved and most established qualities.

Kynoch’s Collections sit alongside those offered by our sister companies through our cut length division Standeven.


Sitting down to work with you in person on bespoke developments is one of the most enjoyable parts of our work. Whether in your design studios around the world, or ours, or our mill, we relish the opportunity to discuss cloth constructions, weights and handles. Exclusive from our Kynoch collections, with our yarn strings at hand, we are ready to create the perfect colour combination with you, for you. Working in partnership to create beautiful cloth which reflects the spirit of your collection.

The conversations are often lively, warm-hearted, and creative.