Since 1788 we have been guided by the values and responsibilities passed down through the generations, when doing the right thing was honorable and created the backbone of a company. With the fast pace of change over the decades, although many of our working practices remain the same at their core, we prefer to formalise them and are proud to share them with you here.

Our responsibilities extend from industrial practices within our mill to offering customers peace of mind in terms of quality, traceability, and sustainability of the natural fibres which create Kynoch cloth.


Our teams are the heartbeat of our company and we want to take care of them. As our most important asset their health, welfare and safety are paramount. Beyond that we want to see them grow and develop over the years, and we are committed to investing in their training and development so we train and retain the best possible talent. Their skills and performance are the key to providing consistent quality and service.

Most of our teams live locally and we are fully committed to adding value to the communities within which we work. Working with our neighboring businesses wherever possible when sourcing materials and services. Participating in local initiatives and charities.

We also engage with institutions to support and light the fire in the next generation.


We ensure traceability when sourcing our raw material with our trusted partners throughout our supply chain.

Complying with the fundamental principles of animal welfare, adhering to the five freedoms as defined by the World Organisation for Animal Health.

We are fully certified to Responsible Wool Standards (RWS) and Responsible Mohair Standard (RMS) an international voluntary standard to provide the industry with a global benchmark.

We are fully compliant with Reach regulations and do not use Azo dye stuffs.

We wholly comply or exceed the requirements of the environmental legislation and codes of practice including ISO14001 Waste management and Energy management.

Throughout our mill and supply partners, we seek to minimize our impact and our consumption of natural resources.

This is a serious and continuous commitment.