July 20, 2023
July 20, 2023 Kynoch

Autumn Winter 2024/25

For generations, Kynoch of Scotland has enjoyed working with only natural fibres moving steadily towards full traceability and sustainability across all our cloth qualities highlighting the kindness of lambswools and cashmeres. We take considerable pride in making cloth using conscientious methods of production and design which respect our people and the environment, preserving the planet’s natural resources. A commitment to our heritage from robust, warm coatings to gentle enveloping jacketings.

The detail of worsted twist suiting’s and coatings, a mirror of our grandfathers in their compact, no-nonsense, ready-for-anything assured tailoring. Deep shades of British Wools woven in our family-owned mill, nestle alongside our new tweedy twist coatings.
Rich colour palettes, quiet weaves inspired by nature’s textures, and gentle handles like second skins take us all together into the new season.

It was great to attend the iconic European shows Premiere Vision, and Milano Unica and proudly present our new Autumn Winter 2024/25 collection to you. It was a pleasure to see our customers and as always we look forward to next year’s shows.

Discover the full Autumn Winter 24/25 collection email:

Autumn Winter 2024/25 Autumn Winter 2024/25 Autumn Winter 2024/25 Autumn Winter 2024/25

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