December 20, 2023

In celebration of Brigitte’s first year with Kynoch of Scotland we shared a glass of bubbly over a Q+A session. Reflecting on her experiences during the year, sharing insights into her role, all considered against the wealth of her textile experience.

What did you do for work previously?

I have always worked within the textile industry; my last job was working for a large company who supplied interior fabrics so it’s quite a different business to Kynoch of Scotland (Kynoch) I worked mostly in Asia, so part time I would be living in Hong Kong but at heart I am a countryside girl so much prefer the quieter life.


What does a typical day look like for you?

Within the fashion and textile industry there is no typical day, which I really enjoy. I may be involved in collection development meetings, liaising with customers by email or on the phone. Alternatively I might be in their design studio or at trade shows presenting the collections.


What’s your favourite thing about this role?

My favourite thing about working in Kynoch is meeting our customers and working directly with them, it is always fascinating to see how they want to use our cloth or develop it for their collections.
I enjoy working in the friendly atmosphere and collaborating with all departments throughout our mill. It is great to be part of such an experienced team who are still curious about making cloth.


What is your favourite bunch?

My favourite bunch is Heritage Twist. It is so unique and incorporates so many colours within the individual yarn strings. It’s history within our company and the beautiful inspiring archives make it part of our DNA. It is always a joy to present and discuss.


Can you share a memorable experience or stand out project that you’ve worked on during your time at the company?

The international trade shows are a great experience, I love having the opportunity to get together with all the agents and meet the wonderful customers.

In my first 2 weeks of being here, I presented the collections at Idea Biella with Gill Mudie (Kynoch of Scotland’s Managing Director) so, it was great to experience that with her and learn from the best.

In my 3rd week, I was flying solo at Première Vison! This was all a little frightening to begin with but exciting and extremely memorable and honestly such a great way to learn.


Can you highlight any initiatives or projects that the company is currently working on that excite you?

In the New Year we are very excited to launch the Spring/Summer 2025 collection, with lots of beautiful new qualities and designs.
There is also a very secret project in the works which we know Kynoch customers will love, it’s a pretty big deal and I can’t wait to share more when the time is right.


We look forward to hearing more from Brigitte about Kynoch developments in the ever-evolving world of textiles and fashion.