October 16, 2023
October 16, 2023 Jacob Twomey

SS25 design process

Kynoch of Scotland Designer, Gill Mudie, has been busy designing our upcoming Spring/Summer 2024/25 collection. In her own words, she reflects on the wellspring of inspiration that guided her creative journey…

“Visiting the Brooklands Museum, a treasure trove of vintage cars and automotive history, proved to be an unexpected inspiration for our upcoming cloth collection.

The museum’s extensive collection of classic automobiles offered a rich palette of colours and textures that ignited our creative spark which was like walking through a living colour mood board.

The vintage cars, each a masterpiece of design and engineering, offered a vibrant spectrum of colours. The deep greens, rich maroons and bold blues evoked a sense of sophistication and refinement, reminding us of our popular Montrose Bay collection. Because of this, have been busy translating these hues into our new cloth designs.

SS25 design process

Inspiration behind SS25, a vintage blue car

Montrose Bay







But it wasn’t just the colours that captivated us, as a company with a long history, we were also inspired by the enduring charm of well-worn leather seats and polished chrome that left an indelible mark on our creative vision.

Inspiration of SS25 - interiors of vintage cars










These elements have profoundly shaped our design philosophy, ensuring that our forthcoming collection carries a touch of classical automotive nostalgia with a modern twist.

Spring Summer 2024/25 will take inspiration from the timeless beauty of the classic design; moreover, it will harness the power of colour to evoke emotion and memory.

We look forward to sharing the new collection with you soon.”

Montrose Bay cloth

Inspiration of SS25. Grey and green vintage cars.